Table of Contents French 3

**** This is still a work in progress***  not all the French 3 posts are on the table of contents yet.  They’re on the wordpress, but not yet listed in THIS table of contents.

Vocab Posts

IOP and DOP verbs

Worksheet Extra Vocab List

Chapter 5 Vocab

Supplemental Vocab to Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Vocab

Chapter 7 Vocab

List of Past Participles of Irregular Verbs

Basic Prepositions

Verb Posts

Mettre Verbs

Enir Verbs

Savoir and Connaître

Ouvrir Verbs

Yer Verbs

Stem Changer Verbs


Uire Verbs

Grammar Posts

Reflexives / IOP / DOP Charts

IOP/DOP / Y / En Word Order

Stress Pronouns

Passé Composé part 1

Passé Composé Part 2

Passé Composé Part 3

Negation with Passé Composé

Passé Composé for Reflexives

Passé Composé and  Verbs That Switch Between être and avoir

Qui versus Que

Qu’est-ce que and Qu’est-ce qui

Il y a and ça Fait

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