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mettre – to put, to put on

je mets nous mettons
tu mets vous mettez
il met ils mettent

Je mets mon sac à dos sur la table.  I’m putting my backpack on the table.
Georges met le lait dans le frigo. Georges is putting the milk in the fridge.
Nous mettons nos anoraks parce qu’il fait froid. We are putting on our parkas because it’s cold.
Tu dois mettre tes chaussures si tu veux aller dehors. You have to put on your shoes if you want to go outside.

verbs like mettre

promettre – to promise
permettre – to permit, to allow
soumettre – to submit
remettre -to put back
se mettre à – to start to (do something)
omettre – to omit
commettre – to commit

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