Enir Verbs

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

*venir – to come
*revenir – to come back
*devenir – to become
prevenir – to warn
convenir – to go with / to match
se souvenir de – to remember
tenir – to keep, to hold
obtenir – to obtain, to get
retenir – to retain
soutenir – to support
appartenir – to belong
contenir – to contain
appartenir – to belong

venir – to come
je viens nous venons
tu viens vous venez
il vient ils viennent

devenir – to become
je deviens nous devenons
tu deviens vous devenez
il devient ils deviennent

tenir – to keep, to hold
je tiens nous tenons
tu tiens vous tenez
il tient ils tiennent

soutenir – to support
je soutiens nous soutenons
tu soutiens vous soutenez
il soutient ils soutiennent

Je viens à 9h. I’m coming at 9 o clock.
Il revient demain. He’s coming back tomorrow.
Le prof devient fâché parce que les étudiants ne font pas d’attention. The teacher is getting / becoming mad because the students aren’t paying attention.

**venir de** = to have just done something
Je viens de partir. I just left
Nous venons de finir nos devoirs. We just finished our homework.
Ils viennent d’arriver. They just arrived.

*venir, revenir, and devenir are irregular in passé composé (basic past tense)

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