Savoir and Connaître

February 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Both ‘savoir’ and ‘connaître’ mean ‘to know’.

Savoir means to know information. One can savoir how to ride a bicycle or savoir the information that is going to be on a test. One can savoir where is the post office. It’s all about information with this verb.

Connaître means to know a person or to be acquainted with. One can connaître a restaurant or a place, which would mean that one is familiar with the restaurant or place. One can connaître a book, which would mean that one is familiar with the book. One always connaîtres people – it expresses a familiarity.

Savoir – to know information

je sais nous savons
tu sais vous savez
il sait ils savent

  Connaître – to be acquainted with

je connais nous connaissons
tu connais vous connaissez
il connaît ils connaissent

Je sais jouer du piano – I know how to play the piano

Elle sait la réponse – She knows the answer

Tu connais mon frère? – You know my brother?

Je connais bien ce café – I know this café well

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