Tout Quel Ce

February 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

 Tout, quel, and ce are all articles like le or un. The form of each article is determined by the gender and number of the noun that they modify.

tout = all
quel = which
ce = this / that

English masculine singular masculine plural feminine singular feminine plural
all tout tous toute toutes
which quel quels quelle quelles
this / that /these/those ce  or *cet when starts w/vowel ces cette ces

 all the girls – toutes les filles
all the pencils – tous les crayons
the whole class – toute la classe
the whole fish – tout le poisson

which train – quel train
which dress – quelle robe
which glasses – quels verres
which bottles – quelles bouteilles

this desk – ce bureau
these stores – ces magasins
this dress – cette robe
these shoes – ces chaussures
that drawer – ce tiroir
those socks – ces chaussettes

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