Links to Authentic French

March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

A great site for French vocabulary

This is a site with songs to learn French shows French videos with the words in French and English transcribed beneath. They have a series of French videos that are free, or you can sign up for their service and gain access to all their videos.

Duolingo is an app and also a website that offers short lessons and tests in French. It’s a fantastic program that teaches in a logical order, and each lesson builds on the last. Every few days it has you go back and review old info and vocab. It’s pretty cool. Here is the link to the page.

Coffee Break French has free audio clips that tackle a specific subject per clip. The audio is free. If you sign up for their service, they provide all sorts of supplemental materials to accompany their audio clips. Here is the link

This link should take you directly to the NRJ French hits site.

This is a link to free podcasts of native French speakers speaking on certain subjects.

BrainPop in French. They have free videos, their audience is elementary-aged kids, on all sorts of subjects from history to sciences. Very fun. Some videos are free, some are pay. has a dictionary
Wordreference also has a forum where you can look up idioms, questions, all sorts of French subjects. Here is the direct link to the forum.

This link is to Tex’s French Grammar. It’s great. – from this site, one can click on different radio stations in France to stream through the computer.

Le Monde newspaper

Here is the link to Radio France

Here is the link to Chante France.   This is a good station for comprehension as the songs are relatively easy to understand.

Here is the link to French TV5

Here is the link to news

Here is the link to Europe 1

Here is the link to itélé

Here is the link to News in Slow French

Here is the link to the Larousse French dictionaries   The Larousse dictionary will give you the equivalents of the word and examples of real life usage.  It will also give you full conjugations of verbs.

Here is the link to Le Conjugueur   that will give you conjugations for any French verb.

Here is the link to Kristin Espinasse’s blog.

A great site for French vocabulary

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