Reflexive Verbs

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to brush one’s hair – se brosser les cheveux
to brush one’s teeth – se brosser les dents / se laver les dents
to wash one’s face – se laver le visage
to wash one’s hands – se laver les mains
to wash one’s hair – se laver les cheveux
to take a shower – se doucher
to dry oneself – se sècher
to fall asleep – s’endormir ( irregular IR verb)
to put on make-up – se maquiller
to shave – se raser
to get dressed – s’habiller
to get undressed – se déshabiller
to wake up – se réveiller
to get up – se lever*
to comb one’s hair – se peigner
to fall asleep – s’endormir
to go to bed – se coucher
to go for a walk – se promener*

The Idiomatic Reflexive Verbs

to have fun – s’amuser
to be bored – s’ennuyer
to hurry – se dépêcher
to stop (oneself) – s’arrêter
to stroll – se balader
to manage, to get along – se débrouiller
to go someplace – se déplacer
to get oriented – s’orienter
to leave, go away – s’en aller
to physically fight with someone – se battre avec quelqu’un
to fight with someone – se disputer avec quelqu’un
to be annoyed – s’énerver
to get along well with someone – s’entendre avec quelqu’un
to be angry with someone – se fâcher avec quelqu’un
to worry about – s’inquiéter de
to be interested in – s’intéresser à
to take care of – s’occuper de
to remember – se rappeler (literally to recall)
to remember – se souvenir de
to feel good / bad – se sentir (irregular like partir, sortir) bon / mauvais

To use reflexive verbs, you must
1. match the reflexive pronoun to the subject

subject reflexive pronoun
je me
tu te
il se
elle se
nous nous
vous vous
ils se
elles se

2. conjugate the verb to match the subject

3. fill in the rest of the sentence

I’m washing my hair = Je me lave les cheveux

We’re having fun = Nous nous amusons

You are looking at yourself in the mirror = Tu te regardes dans la glace

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