Regular ER, IR, and RE Verbs

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

ER verbs

to talk – parler
to sing – chanter
to dance – danser
to work – travailler
to eat – manger
to tickle – chatouiller
to wear – porter
to play – jouer
to give – donner
to listen – écouter
to jump – sauter
to look at, to watch – regarder
to whisper – chuchoter
to draw – dessiner
to remove – enlever
to mix – mélanger
to study – étudier
to walk – marcher
to laugh – rigoler
to invite – inviter
to steal – voler
to cry – pleurer
to spend (money) – depenser
to look for – chercher
to find – trouver
to like – aimer
to buy – acheter *
to eat lunch – déjeuner
to discuss – discuter
to live – habiter
to pass – passer
to return home – rentrer
to repair – réparer
to cook – cuisiner
to practice – pratiquer
to visit (a place) – visiter
to cost – coûter
to borrow – emprunter
to forget – oublier
to use – utiliser
to risk – risquer

IR verbs

to finish – finir
to grab – saisir
to choose – choisir
to grow – grandir
to build – bâtir
to succeed – réussir (à)
to gain weight – grossir
to lose weight – maigrir
to fill – remplir
to obey – obéir (à)
to demolish – démolir
to punish – punir

RE verbs

to lose – perdre
to bite – mordre
to mow – tondre
to melt – fondre
to give back, to render – rendre
to wait – attendre
to answer – répondre
to go down, to descend – descendre
to sell – vendre
to hear – entendre

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