Irregular Adjective Chart and Vocabulary

January 18, 2011 § 6 Comments

masculine singular masculine singular, starts with a vowel masculine plural feminine singular feminine plural
beau bel beaux belle belles
nouveau nouvel nouveaux nouvelle nouvelles
blanc blanc blancs blanche blanches
bon bon bons bonne bonnes
heureux* heureux heureux heureuse heureuses
vieux vieil vieux vieille vieilles
tropical* tropical tropicaux tropicale tropicales
premier* premier premiers première premières

handsome / beautiful – beau / belle
new – nouveau

eux ending

happy – heureux
unhappy – malheureux
serious – sérieux
curious – curieux
nervous – nerveux
delicious – délicieux
wonderful – merveilleux

al ending

tropical – tropical
international – international
main, principal – principal
general – general
special – spécial
original – original

er ending

first – premier
last – dernier
entire – entier
dear – cher

Other Irregular Adjective Patterns

*adjectives ending in il, el, en, on, as, os, and sot double the last consonant

cruel > cruelle
gentil > gentille
ancien > ancienne
mignon > mignonne
nul > nulle
gros > grosse

*adjectives ending in f change to ve

destructif > destructive
actif > active

*adjectives ending in teur change to trice
protecteur > protectrice
créateur > créatrice

§ 6 Responses to Irregular Adjective Chart and Vocabulary

  • Is “Artistic” an irregular adjective?

    • tiffany endres says:

      Artistic is “artistique” in French. But other adjectives ending in “ic”, like “public / publique”, change to “ique” ending in feminine. Thanks for the question.

  • Unknown says:

    when it gets to the part about doubling the last consonant, in the example it has an e at the end. Is that because its feminin? If so what would it be if it’s masculin?

  • Bob says:

    I have a question, why do you not add an s when conjugating “gros” to masculine plural? Because everytime you congugate an adjective to masculine plural you add an s but why not in this case? For example is it wrong if you say “Ils sont gross”? I need to know if it still is corrrect to use gross in this case or something else.



    • tiffany endres says:

      You don’t add the s for masculine plural, when it already ends in s. Masculine plural of gros is still gros.

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