Le Petit Prince Chapters 5-12

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Chapter 5
au hasard – at random
un arbuste – a shrub
fut – passé simple of être
fis – passé simple of faire
remarquer – to notice, to point out
il faudrait – conditional of il faut – it would be necessary
il me fallut – it took me – passé simple of il faut
s’étirer – to stretch
une brindille – a twig
le sol – the ground, the dirt
se débarraser de – to get rid of
une racine – a root
arracher – to pull out
s’égarer – to get lost
avertir – to warn, to inform
courus – pp of courir

Chapter 6
la douceur – sweetness, softness, mildness, gentleness
ri – pp of rire
une fois – a time, once

Chapter 7
grâce à – thanks to
tout ce que / tout ce qui – all that
une épine – a thorn
dévisser – to unscrew
un boulon – a bolt
serré – tight
s’épuiser – to run out
cramoisi – flushed
gonfler – to inflate
l’orgeuil – the pride
anéantir – to wipe out, to annihilate
s’éteindre – to go out, to burn out, to become extinct
lâcher – to let go of
bercer – to rock

Chapter 8
croître – to grow
friper – to crumple, to crease
baîller – to yawn
deviner – to guess
infliger – to inflict
le remords – remorse
attendrir – to move to tears

Chapter 9
profiter – to take advantage of
ramoner – to sweep (like a chimney, fireplace)
faire chauffer – to heat up, warm up
parurent – passé simple of paraître – to appear, to seem
traîner – to shuffle
quant à – as for
supporter – to withstand

Chapter 10
cependant – nevertheless, yet
puisque – since
fier – proud
s’assoeir – to sit down
debout – standing
bredouiller – to mumble, to mutter
se hâter – to hasten
tel – such
émerveiller – to fill with wonder, amazement
détenir – to detain, to hold
un coup d’oeil – a glance
autrui – others

Chapter 11
dès que – when, as soon as
soulever – to lift
la louange – praise

Chapter 12
plonger – to dive
vide – empty
avouer – to admit
s’enquit – passé simple of s’enquérir – to inquire
plaignait – imparfait of plaindre – to pity, to feel sorry for

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