Le Petit Prince Vocab

September 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Chapter 1
lorsque – when
avaler – to swallow
mâcher – to chew
digérer – to digest
plutôt – rather
un métier – a career
un tas – a pile
égaré – lost

Chapter 2
vécu = past participle of vivre
une panne – a breakdown
à peine – barely
la foudre – lightning
fortter – to rub
oser – to dare
se rappeler – to remember
griffonner – to scribble down
la caisse – the case
pencher – to tilt, to lean
le démontage – the dismantling

Chapter 3
un éclat de rire – a burst of laughter
ajouter – to add
entrevoir – to glimpse, catch sight of
s’enfoncer – so sink into
hocher la tête – to nod (or shake)one’s head
un piquet – a post, a stake, a picket
n’importe ôù – anywhere

Chapter 4
étonner – to amaze, to surprise
sous peine de mort – under penalty of death
un avis – an opinion
confier – to confide, to entrust
les chiffres – the figures (like facts and figures)
peser – to weigh (conjugated like mener, with the accent grave)
la preuve – the proof
hausser les épaules – to shrug one’s shoulders
se moquer de – to make fun of
à la légère – lightly
tâtonner – to grope, to fumble along

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