Traveling Grammar and Lequel

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Please excuse the format.  I’m just trying to make sure that I get the info out.

1.  Venir de is in the Enir verbs post in French 1.

2. travelling to a place

a.  to / at / in / around a continent or a feminine country, use EN

b.  to / at / in / around a masculine country, use AU

c.  to / at / in / around a city, use à

d.  to / at / in / around the U.S. or Holland, use AUX   aux Etats-Unis, aux Pays Bas

3.  Methods of Transportation

a.  when using machinery, use ‘en’ – en voiture, en train, en métro, etc.

b.  when self powered, use à – à pied, à bicyclette

4.  Which one??  When one is asking which one, one is referring to an already mentioned noun.  The ‘which one’ has to match the antecedent (already mentioned noun) in gender and number.

masculine singular masculine plural feminine singular feminine plural
lequel lesquels laquelle lesquelles

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