March 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

You have learned that to negate a sentence, you put ‘ne … pas’ around a verb. Here are the notes to say ‘nothing’, ‘no one’, ‘only’, ‘no more’ / ‘not any more’, ‘never’, ‘not yet’, and ‘barely’.

nothing – ne verb rien
only – ne verb que
no more, not any more – ne verb plus
never – ne verb jamais
not yet – ne verb pas encore
not a single – ne verb aucun(e)
not (emphatic) – ne verb point
no one – ne verb personne
*no one as a subject is done – personne ne verb …*

Qu’est-ce que tu fais? Je ne fais rien – What are you doing? I’m not doing anything / I’m doing nothing.
Je n’ai rien à faire – I have nothing to do
Elle n’achète rien – She’s not buying anything / She’s buying nothing

Tu ne parles jamais – You never speak
Nous n’allons jamais au cinéma – We never go to the cinema

Je ne travaille plus – I’m not working anymore
Je n’ai plus de bananes – I have no more bananas / I don’t have any more bananas
Il n’y a plus de temps – There is no time left / There is no more time
Je n’ai aucune idée – I have no idea

Elle ne nettoie que sa chambre – She’s only cleaning her room.
Nous n’avons que les bananes – We only have bananas.

Je ne vois personne – I don’t see anyone / I see no one
Elle n’écoute personne – She doesn’t listen to anyone / She listens to no one
OR – no one as a subject …
Personne n’est là – No one is there
Personne n’achète les tee-shirts – No one is buying the tee-shirts

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