At and To

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

à = at, to

This is the nice and easy part. The hard part is when à contracts with le and les. Check the notes below.

à + le contracts to au (to the, at the, masculine singular)
à + la stays at à la (to the, at the, feminine singular)
à + les contracts to aux (to the, at the, plural)
à + l’ stays at à l’ (to the, at the, singular and starts with a vowel)

to the park, at the park – au parc
to the store, at the store – au magasin

to the beach, at the beach – à la plage
to the pool, at the pool – à la piscine

to the grocery store, at the grocery store – à l’épicerie
to the church, at the church – à l’église

to the beacheS, at the beacheS – aux plages
to the schoolS, at the schoolS – aux écoles
to the restaurantS, at the restaurantS – aux restaurants

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