The and A

December 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

In French, nouns fall into the two categories of masculine and feminine. The gender of the noun determines which articles are used with it.

a (masc) = un > un crayon = a pencil
a (fem) = une > une chaise = a chair


le = the (masculine, singular) le crayon = the pencil

la = the (feminine, singular) la chaise = the chair

l’ = the (masc or fem, singular, starts with vowel) –
l’ordinateur = the computer
l’étudiant = the student
l’affiche = the poster
the l’ is like a contraction in English (do not > don’t, is not >isn’t)

les = the (plural, either gender – nice and simple)
les crayons = the pencils
les chaises = the chairs
les ordinateurs = the computers
les étudiants = the students
les affiches = the posters

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