Être – To Be

December 28, 2010 § Leave a comment


être – to be

je suis I am
tu es you (inf) are
il est he is, it is
elle est she is, it is
nous sommes we are
vous êtes you (formal) are
ils sont they are
elles sont they are


   Être is used as a primary verb – when one is truly “being” something.  Either used with adjectives or locations.  In the present tense it is never used with another verb.
     Je suis content – I am happy ( happy is an adjective)
     Le garçon est intelligent – The boy is smart (smart is an adjective)
     Nous sommes à l’école – We are at school (location)
     The students are at the beach – Les étudiants sont à la plage (location)

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