Peindre And Similar Verbs

February 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

These verbs all end in ‘indre’ and all follow the same conjugations.

atteindre – to attain, to reach

j’atteins nous atteignons
tu atteins vous atteignez
il atteint ils atteignent

past participle – atteint


éteindre – to extinguish, to turn off (electrical or gas powered things)

j’éteins nous éteignons
tu éteins vous éteignez
il étéint ils éteignent

past participle – éteint

craindre – to fear

je crains nous craignons
tu crains vous craignez
il craint ils craignent

past participle – craint

joindre – to join

je joins nous joignons
tu joins vous joignez
il joint ils joignent

past participle – joint

Other ‘indre’ verbs are

peindre – to paint
dépeindre – to depict, to portray
empreindre – to imprint, to mark
feindre – to feign
restreindre – to restrict, to limit
contraindre – to constrain
deteindre – to fade, discolor
astreindre – to force, compel, subject
s’astreindre -to force oneself
épreindre – to squeeze out
étreindre – to clasp, to bind
plaindre – to pity
se plaindre de – to complain about
rejoindre – to rejoin, join again
conjoindre – to conjoin
disjoindre – to disjoin
ratteindre – to overtake again





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