More “Found” Information

June 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

The following two things were copied and pasted from French Amis posts on Facebook.  I highly recommend that you look them up and like / follow them.  They have wonderful information.

A mistake that I often see: the use of Partir instead of Quitter. When you leave someone, a job, a country, for good, use Quitter: don’t say: je suis parti de mon copain but: j’ai quitté mon copain. – elle a quitté son travail (she quit) … – il a quitté la France there is most of the time an idea of something definitive in Quitter. On peut dire aussi: – ils vont se quitter (they are going to break up)
Don’t say: “je suis très désolé” mais “je suis vraiment désolé” ( I am very sorry). “désolé” est un adjectif. “content” est un adjectif. On dit “je suis très content”. On ne dit pas “je suis très désolé”. Pourquoi?

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